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What We Offer

Education about global affairs
  • Exclusive seminars and dinners with world-class experts build students' fluency in foreign policy issues

  • Respectful debates wrestle with pertinent geopolitical issues

  • Interactive simulations and lively discussions build knowledge of global affairs

A community of interested Yalies
  • ​Weekly dinners provide memorable conversations with other passionate students 

  • A lunch-pairing system builds your relationships with other AHS Members

  • AHS officers personally mentor interested members on global affairs subjects, careers, and more

Networking opportunities
  • Secure coveted national security and foreign policy internships all over the world

  • Meetings with experts and officials, often leading to job career opportunities

  • National AHS resources including job openings and selective fellowships


Core Beliefs

The Yale chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society is a space for students to learn about global geopolitical challenges and debate their viewpoints with other students, leading experts, and government officials. We believe in Hamilton's vision of an America that provides strong, principled leadership to the world. We believe in peace through strength, but also through unyielding loyalty to our allies and engagement with our enemies. In one of his Fireside Chats, FDR concisely articulated the role we think America should play in the world: an "arsenal of democracy."

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