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Executive Board


Abe Baker-Butler

Abe Baker-Butler is a junior at Yale University majoring in Global Affairs and Cognitive Science with a Global Health certificate. Abe is interested in Middle Eastern geopolitics and global health. He has worked for U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and currently serves as President of the American Jewish Committee's Campus Global Board. 


Axel de Vernou

Axel de Vernou is a junior at Yale University majoring in Global Affairs and History with a Certificate of Advanced Language Study in Russian. He is interested in great-power competition, Russian history, and American grand strategy. He speaks French, Spanish, and Russian.

Social and Outreach Chair

Lauren Delwiche

Lauren is a sophomore at Yale University, majoring in electrical engineering. Originally from Virginia, she comes from a background in technical cyber security operations, with a strong interest in cyber policy. On campus, Lauren conducts research on network optimization and technology policy. She is very interested in the politics of the global Internet and has participated at international Internet standards bodies.

Event Coordinator

Pranav Pattatathunaduvil

Pranav is a junior studying Global Affairs who is passionate about foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific and the intersection of technology and national security. Pranav is a Founder and Co-Director of the Geotech Initiative and a board member of the Yale International Relations Association and the Yale Foreign Policy Initiative. Since January 2022, Pranav has been interning at the Hudson Institute, where he conducts research on South Asia for Ambassador Husain Haqqani and Dr. Aparna Pande and will be interning on the Foreign Policy Panel of the Special Competitive Studies Panel this summer.

Web Editor, Events Manager

Avi Rao

Avi Rao is a first-year at Yale University hailing from New York City and intending to major in Global Affairs. Avi is specifically interested in Latin America’s strategic relationship to the United States, cyber-intelligence, and global macroeconomics. Outside of the international sphere, Avi has also worked on numerous political campaigns in Upstate New York. He is fluent in Spanish and spends his free time hiking the Northeast.

Communications Officer

Asuka Koda

Asuka is a first year at Yale University, intending to major in Astronomy and Political Science with a concentration in public health policy. Born in Tokyo  and raised in Singapore, Taipei, and New York City, Asuka considers her multicultural background an important part of her identity. Asuka is interested in the intersection between technology and policy and has worked at NASA, The NYC Department of Education, and major archival museums across NYC. In addition to international politics, Asuka is passionate about growing accessible educational institutions in urban spaces. 


Leo Greenberg

Leo Greenberg is a sophomore at Yale majoring in History and trying out Math and Philosophy. He is most interested in US-China relations, Middle Eastern affairs, and European parliamentary politics. Outside of foreign policy, he spends his time hiking or rewatching Parks and Recreation. 


Graham Bateman

Graham Bateman is a first-year student from Boston. He intends to major in global affairs and economics. Graham is interested in the geopolitics of the Middle East, great power competition, and emerging markets. He is an avid student of Arabic and has conducted research on Islam, Communism, and Arab nationalism during the Cold War. In his free time, Graham enjoys catching meals with friends and spending time with family.


Ethan Chiu


Ethan Chiu is a sophomore at Yale University studying Global Affairs and History at the intersection of foreign policy and emerging technologies. He is currently working with the DOD Information Strategy Research Center on developing cyber conflict and disinformation theories, along with the National Defense University on examining PRC perceptions in the Middle East. On campus, Ethan is the International Liaison for the Yale Review of International Studies and an Executive Board Member of the Yale College Council. Previously, he co-founded the Yale Foreign Policy Initiative and worked at the American Enterprise Institute, Department of Defense, and Red Cross.


Aidan Moran

Aidan is a first-year at Yale University from New York, hoping to major in Ethics, Politics, & Economics with a Certificate in Statistics & Data Science. From a foreign policy perspective, Aidan is interested in the intersection of global economics and geopolitics, especially as it concerns emerging markets. He is also interested in the role that advanced technologies, especially AI, will have on the future of U.S. grand strategy. In his spare time, Aidan enjoys outdoor activities, including golfing, skiing, and spending time on the water in his hometown.

Other Officers

Social Media Director

Ted Shepherd

Ted Shepherd is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. He is double-majoring in History and Global Affairs, with a certificate in Russian. Ted is interested in Russian and Eastern European affairs, as well as the economic dimensions of US foreign policy. He hopes to pursue international relations, law, and history in the future. 

Spykman Fellowship Director

Salvador Gomez-Colon

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Salvador Gómez-Colón is an internationally-recognized humanitarian advocate, sustainability practitioner, and author. His field experience in climate resilience and disaster response has informed his public advocacy at the World Economic Forum, the Aspen Institute, the Organization of American States, and UN agencies. He has also worked with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. defense community, and Members of Congress to advance America's defense, diplomatic efforts, and development goals.

Visual Media Director 

Ariane de Gennaro

Ariane de Gennaro is a junior from New York City majoring in History. She has a background in Classics, Western history, and philosophy, and is an alum of the Hudson Political Studies and Hertog War Studies Programs. At Yale, she is a member of the a cappella group Something Extra and a columnist for the Yale Daily News. She enjoys writing, drawing, and rewatching Star Wars.

President Emeritus 2023

Aaron Schorr

Aaron Schorr is a senior majoring in EP&E from Jerusalem, Israel. Within the foreign policy world, he is particularly interested in changes to the world order, Middle Eastern security, and the role of intelligence in decision-making. Besides foreign policy, he is passionate about building better cities and climate change resilience, and spends his free time traveling to destinations off the beaten path.

President Emeritus 2023

Andrew DeWeese

Andrew is a senior in Pierson College from Charlotte, North Carolina. He plans to double major in Classics (Ancient Greek) and Global Affairs, with a certificate in Chinese. His somewhat disparate research interests lie in Athenian war rhetoric and US-China relations. A violinist at heart, Andrew is an alumnus of the National Youth Orchestra of the USA and member of the Yale Symphony Orchestra, the YSO Contemporary Music Ensemble, and the Charlotte Piano Trio. This year, he will be living in Taipei furthering his Chinese studies.

President Emeritus 2022

Oleksii Antoniuk

Oleksii is a senior studying Global Affairs and Economics. He has interned multiple times in DC and Ukraine, researching Russia's warfare and domestic politics. Oleksii is extremely excited to help transform AHS into a close-knit foreign policy community at Yale. Oleksii grew up in Ukraine.

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